Brent Chapman honored with 2004 SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award


At the USENIX/SAGE LISA '04 conference in Atlanta, Great Circle Associates founder and principal Brent Chapman was honored with the 2004 SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award "for outstanding sustained contributions to the community of system administrators".

As he presented the award, Rob Kolstad (SAGE's Executive Director) specifically recognized Brent for:

  • developing and releasing the Majordomo mailing list management system
  • being the original SAGE Postmaster when SAGE was formed
  • establishing and hosting several important email discussion forums, including the Firewalls and List-Managers mailing lists
  • teaching countless system administrators about Internet security through his Building Internet Firewalls seminars and books

Past recipients of the award include such distinguished professionals as Larry Wall (for developing the Perl programming language, and other system administration tools), Paul Vixie (for his work on BIND and for ongoing efforts to eliminate SPAM email from the Internet), and Brent's Building Internet Firewalls coauthor Elizabeth Zwicky (for her role in founding SAGE).