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Great Circle specializes in network-related consulting in the areas of architecture, automation, design, deployment, and security.

We are particularly adept at guiding a client through the difficulties surrounding major network reconfigurations such as network automation implementations, mergers and acquisitions, WAN upgrades, Internet connectivity upgrades, and service provider changes.

Network Automation

As described on our main consulting page, we're especially involved in network automation, which is focused on improving network reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness by automating the configuration and management of complex networks. By developing and applying automation principles and tools similar to those that have been developed in the system administration field, savvy startups can make their networks more efficient, easier to scale, more reliable, and easier to maintain. Netomata can help you identify, design, develop, and deploy such network automation systems.

Network Architecture and Design

We provide expertise to help you design and implement the network that best fits your business needs, including technology evaluation, capacity planning, equipment and vendor selection, and carrier selection. We also help you develop effective strategies for issues such as automation, routing, redundancy, availability, supportability, and scalability.

Great Circle's consultants have broad experience in the key areas of network architecture, including network automation, topology, routing, performance analysis, naming and addressing issues, and fundamental network services (DNS, DHCP, e-mail, the World Wide Web, file service, etc.).

For clients with an existing enterprise network, we are able to provide the knowledge base needed to cost-effectively upgrade or automate key portions of the network while maintaining support for existing business practices.

Network Security

We specialize in the analysis, design, and implementation of network security systems, especially external (Internet) and internal (intranet) firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs). We can help you design and install your own firewall or VPN, or help you evaluate a proposal from someone else.

Great Circle's principal consultant, Brent Chapman, is one of the first and best-known Internet firewall experts, and is the founder of the Firewalls mailing list and co-author of the popular Building Internet Firewalls book (O'Reilly & Associates, first edition 1995, second edition 2000).

Our focus is on clients and sites that need more sophisticated security and firewall systems than those provided by turnkey commercial firewall products. We help our clients figure out which commercial products are appropriate for their situation, and how best to use them. We emphasize security awareness and analysis as a component of all our network design and architecture consulting.

Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the largest, most critical, and most difficult parts of a business merger (including acquisitions and joint ventures) is the successful integration of the enterprise networks of the merger partners. In many cases, companies have widely differing philosophies and strategies for network architecture, topology, services, and security, even if they are in similar market segments. Netomata has the expertise and skills to make your merger or acquisition a much smoother process.

A particularly difficult part of a merger is getting all of the parties to understand what each of the others are doing, how, and why. Our broad consulting experience enables us to quickly discover each partner's policies, procedures, and systems, and determine the assumptions, constraints, and considerations that drive them. Our extensive training experience enables us to effectively explain all of this to the merger partners, in their own terms and using their own frames of reference. Our technical expertise enables us to suggest, develop, or evaluate solutions to merger problems. We have a global perspective, and experience working with international subsidiaries and field offices in a number of countries.

Some of the merger issues and tasks that we have become familiar with -- and are able to offer assistance with -- include:

Great Circle consultants are able to work effectively in communicating with -- and facilitating communications among -- all levels of the merger partners' enterprise, including executives, IS/IT management, and project implementation and support staff, as well as end-user management and staff that will be affected by the merger.

Great Circle can make your network more cost-effective, reliable, and flexible! Please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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