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For clients who are (or seek to become) significant network service providers, we are able to draw on our extensive experience with network design and deployment to help you build a capable, cost effective, manageable, scalable network.

As described on our main consulting page, we're especially involved in network automation, which is focused on improving network reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness by automating the configuration and management of complex networks. By developing and applying automation principles and tools similar to those that have been developed in the system administration field, savvy providers can make their networks more efficient, easier to scale, more reliable, and easier to maintain. Great Circle can help you identify, design, develop, and deploy such network automation systems.

We've worked with dozens of clients to help them select and manage service providers and carriers, so we know from first-hand experience what your customers are looking for in your network. We've also worked with service providers and carriers to provide those services, so we know the challenges and issues that you face.

In addition to his extensive enterprise networking background, Great Circle's principal consultant, Brent Chapman, was Director of Network Architecture for Covad Communications Company (the USA's leading national broadband service provider) for its critical first year of service. As soon as the basic plan had been completed for building Covad's network, and enough of it was online to be useful, Brent moved over to be Covad's Director of Technical Marketing; in that role, he was essentially the company's head systems engineer, working with enterprise and ISP customers to help them get the most out of Covad's network. Brent was also Senior Manager for Network Architecture for Tellme Networks, a leading telephony service provider whose automated systems answer billions of calls each year for customers such as FedEx, Verizon Wireless, and E*Trade.

Great Circle can make your network more cost-effective, reliable, and flexible! Please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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