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(January 1998)

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Subject: Re: FW-1 v3.0 on NTv4.0 (with SP3 and FW-1 patches)
From: rdew @ el . nec . com (Bob De Witt)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:28:55 -0800
To: ferioli @ comnet . com . tr, rmurphy @ itm-inst . com
Cc: cklo @ cklo . hk . super . net, vslabs @ onwe . co . za, YYANG @ nla . gov . au, firewalls @ GreatCircle . COM

On Wed, 21JAN98, Rick Murphy said:

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> At 03:00 PM 1/21/98 +0200, Michael Ferioli wrote:
> >
> >That's what he said: "turn if OFF and it runs ok". 
> Ok; I interpreted his statement as saying that he turned Java/ActiveX
> off (blocked it) and it works OK.. whatever. Sounds like a potential DOS
> attack to me. It's certainly not a NT bug as has been implied in this
> thread..
> 	-Rick
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If I understood the original message correctly, he turned off Java/ActiveX.
This makes good sense to disable those and avoid the bugs associated with
each.  However, some of the access sites require those to download whatever
is out there.  Then what ???  Well, skip those suckers, or else turn then 
back on.  Seems there should be a better, simpler, way some of you guru's 
might come up with.  At least for UNIX and NT.  Maybe even for Win95 & Mac.

   Bob De Witt,
   rdew @
 el .
 nec .

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