Great Circle Associates List-Managers
(October 1992)

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Subject: Publicizing the existance of List-Managers
From: Brent Chapman <brent @ GreatCircle . COM>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 92 22:51:59 -0800
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

Actually, I've got a topic to kick things off with...

Does anybody have any ideas on how to publicize List-Managers, to let
people who manage mailing lists know the list is here? 

I've posted articles to the comp.mail.misc,,
news.sysadmin, comp.unix.admin, and news.lists newsgroups, as well as
mailed something off to the "sage-online" and "Majordomo-Users" mailing
lists, but that doesn't seem to be generating much of a response.

I've actually assembled a list of addresses from the SRI "interest groups"
list of mailing lists that _should_ be all the email addresses that appear
in that document that _aren't_ listed as mailing lists in that document (it
was a god-awful perl script; you don't want to know the details).  I'm
leary of sending anything to that assembled list because I'm afraid that
5-10% of the addresses on there are still mailing lists, not individuals,
and I wouldn't want to bomb those lists at random with the "List-Managers"

I've also considered sending the announcement to the "-request" aliases for
every list in the document, but there are two problems with that.  First,
many of them are BitNet LISTSERV lists (which often don't have "-request"
aliases), and second, I get the impression that many folks are running
automated or semi-automated servers on their "-request" aliases, so the
message would probably end up going into the bit-bucket anyway.

I probably won't try my first idea above, but I might be convinced to try
the second...  Anybody got any other ideas?

Brent Chapman                                   Great Circle Associates
Brent @
 GreatCircle .
 COM                           1057 West Dana Street
+1 415 962 0841                                 Mountain View, CA  94041

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