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(October 1992)

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Subject: Internet draft for mail-based servers
From: dupuy @ tiemann . cs . columbia . edu (Alexander Dupuy)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 03:06:59 EST
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <9210280641 . AA11328 @ mycroft . GreatCircle . COM> (message from Brent Chapman on Tue, 27 Oct 92 22:41:30 -0800)
Reply-to: dupuy @ cs . columbia . edu

While this may be of interest only to those list-managers who use automated
subscription mechanisms, I imagine that probably constitutes the majority of
subscribers on this list.  Anyhow, there has been some interesting mail about
this draft on the BITNET LISTSERV meta-list LSTSRV-L @
 UGA .
 CC .
 UGA .
 EDU .

The status of the draft is somewhat unclear; the official Internet working
group disbanded a while back, and the draft is an independent submission by
Jeroen Houttouin and Allan Cargille.  Although the scope of the document is
claimed to be all Internet mail-based servers (including directly connected
RFC-822 and X.400 servers, as well as gatewayed BITNET and UUCP servers), the
specification is presented in terms of the older X.400(84) standard, and its
requirements already appear to be present to some extent in RFC-1327, which is
the official standard for RFC-822<->X.400 mail gateways.

At any rate, I would be interested in any opinions/reactions/prejudices that
people on this list have to the proposed RFC.  I've made some files accessible
via LISTSERV or FTP from for anyone interested - you can get
them as /listserv/archives/<filename>.Z or via LISTSERV @
 cs .
 columbia .
 edu, using
"get listserv <filename>".  The files available are:

mailservers-00.draft            the actual draft RFC
mailserver-mail                 messages on this subject from various lists
rfc1327                         RFC for RFC822<->X.400(88)<->X.400(84) mappings
rfc987                          obsolete RFC822<->X.400(84) mappings
rfc1026                         corrections to RFC987

In addition, there are a number of other files there which may be of interest;
you can get a list by sending the command "index listserv".

inet: dupuy @
 cs .
 columbia .
Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- write to lpf @
 uunet .
 uu .

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