Great Circle Associates List-Managers
(October 1992)

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Subject: Re: Majordomo?
From: Brent Chapman <brent @ GreatCircle . COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 09:30:46 -0800
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Your message of Wed, 28 Oct 92 09:28:21 CST

# Brent Chapman said:
#    Anybody got any burning topics they'd like to kick things off with?
# Yeah.  How can we get Majordomo?  And can it be set up to handle
# "fubar-baz-request" without requiring that the body of the message
# explicitly use the list name "fubar-baz"?
# 		Bill

Majordomo is available for anonymous FTP from FTP.GreatCircle.COM,
file "pub/majordomo.tar.Z".

Majordomo includes a "request-recording" program that I set up to
answer each "-request" alias.  This program sends back a recording,
customized to the list in question (which is specified on the command
line) that tells somebody how to use Majordomo to subscribe or
unsubscribe to that list, or how to contact a human if that's what
they need.

Here's the alias for list-managers-request:

list-managers-request: "|/usr/local/mail/majordomo/wrapper request-recording list-managers"

And here's what you get if you send something to list-managers-request:

From: list-managers-request @
 GreatCircle .
To: brent @
 GreatCircle .
Subject: Your mail to list-managers-request @
 GreatCircle .
In-Reply-To: <9210281727 .
 AA12534 @
 mycroft .
 GreatCircle .
 COM>, from
	brent @
 GreatCircle .
 COM (Brent Chapman)
Reply-To: list-managers-approval @
 GreatCircle .

This pre-recorded message is being sent in response to your recent
email to list-managers-request @
 GreatCircle .
 COM .

All subscription requests concerning mailing lists on this machine
(including list-managers) are handled by an automated server.

To subscribe to list-managers, send the following in an email message to
"Majordomo @
 GreatCircle .

        subscribe list-managers

This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to the
list-managers list.

If you wish to subscribe another address instead (such as a local
redistribution list), you can use a command of the form:

        subscribe list-managers other-address @
 your_site .

To find out more about the automated server, send the following command
to "Majordomo @
 GreatCircle .


If you feel you need to reach a human, send email to

        list-managers-approval @
 GreatCircle .

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