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(December 1992)

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Subject: Re: How to deal with bounces
From: mickey!sullivan @ csvax . cs . caltech . edu (Michael Sullivan)
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 92 09:02:18 PST
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM

> >> For things like "user unknown"
> >> or "host unknown" (actually, after a few "host unknown" messages) I pass the
> >> offending address to a little script I have called "bouncer".  This takes
> >> the address and sends a little "what's happened to this person"-type of mess
> >age
> >> to the postmaster at the offending site (so it takes joe @
 bozo .
 com and sends
> >> to postmaster @
 bozo .
 com).  This way I can find out for sure if the user has
> >> left the site or if something is wrong with their system.  I try to be sure
> >> before shutting someone off.
> >
> >You are the nicest list manager in the world!  How many total
> >subscribers do you have on all your lists?  How many bounces do you
> >handle this way each week?
> I couldn't imagine sending that many queries.

Oh, heck.  I average just over 1 bouncer query a week for a digested list
of over 400 addresses--not a tremendous amount of work in my book.  If you're
going to manage a list, manage it.

Michael Sullivan                     sullivan @
 mickey .
 disney .
Walt Disney Feature Animation        uunet!elroy!cit-vax!mickey!sullivan
Glendale, CA                         +1 818 544 2683  --  +1 818 544 4579 (fax)

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