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(December 1992)

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Subject: Re: Vandalism problems
From: Scott Ophof <ophof @ SERVER . uwindsor . ca>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 92 19:17:08 EST
To: <List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM> (List managers)
In-reply-to: <19874 . 724806715 @ livbird . liv . ac . uk>; from "Alan Thew" at Dec 19, 92 11:11 pm

>On Sat, 19 Dec 92 17:45:15 -0500  Anastasios Kotsikonas wrote:
>>> discussion on this type of thing.  In particular if you have noticed
>>> anything like this happening on one of your lists lately, I urge you
>>> to report it.  Any other suggestions, etc. etc. would be appreciated.
>>Same thing happened to me two years ago when someone subscribed my list
>>to a BITNET Listserv list and vice versa, set mail to ACK and he created
>>a very nice loop thank you very much. Every message originating from the
>>other list was distributed in mine, then the same message was forwarded
>>back to the other list, etc.
>This was done to me and the person in whose name it was apparently done
>has denied it. I had no bounce/loop problems but did have complaints about
>my list being 'relayed' to the other list.

If Alan is referring to the list that I think he is, then I would
like to vote for having the 'relaying' stopped.
Duplicate items make it harder to reply to the correct one, since
both list-names look a bit alike, and the respective "Sender:"
lines are not as visible as the other header lines around it (which
are nearly identical to each other).  And posts to list "A" just
aren't relevant enough to list "B" to merit summary 'relaying'.

As a disclaimer I should add that I'm not a list-manager, but am
interested in the kind of problems list-managers have with respect
to ethical matters.

Regards, and may these holidays be peaceful and enjoyable.

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