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Subject: Re: For your amusement
From: cons052 @ titan . ucc . umass . edu (Pres Smith)
Date: 24 Dec 1992 19:35:28 -0500 (EST)
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

      I get irritated at times by people who expect to be unsubscribed
by bothering everyone on the list and I enjoyed the humor, if that's
as far as it goes.  But the savagely individualistic philosophy 
expressed by several commenters who have forgotten there own first
attempts and that access by all is one of the chief benefits of the
Net is sad.  

      We have, IMHO, just ended 12 of the most disgraceful years in
United States history, and if anyone should be calling for frontier
justice, it is those who suffered through it.  How ironic that the
most prominent spokesmen for such "rough justice" are the ones who
today pardoned their own crimes.

     Seeing that, let's put up with a little more brash, but naive
ignorance, in the hopes we can train the next generation to lead
the country and build community attitudes that are more responsible
and less hypocritical than their parents.    Pres Smith
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