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Subject: If this happens to a Unix MLM?
From: "F. Scott Ophof" <ophof @ CS . UWindsor . Ca>
Date: Sun, 9 May 93 22:09:24 EDT
To: <List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM> (List managers)

Status: OR

What if the following happens to one or more of the Unix MLMs?
Can such errors be dealt with properly?


--------------(summary of a few postings on LSTSRV-L)---------------
On 6 May 1993 14:22:20 GMT Jeffrey R Kell said:
>   Thu, 6 May 1993 08:18:51 EDT Elliott Parker said:
>>On Wed, 5 May 1993 16:52:15 EDT Neither Rain nor Sleet... said:
>>>By any chance, was user "Stu Nuttall"  U9230106 @
 CPC865 .
 AC .
 UK ?
>>>He did same thing here last week.  Sub, then immediate conceal
>>Ole' Stu did the same trick on four of my lists last week, too.
>Hey!  That's the turkey that hit four of my lists (and I've only got maybe
>a dozen).   What is this -- is he going for the Guinness Book of World Records
>for Mail Bounces!?!?

On 6 May 1993 13:52:06 GMT Mario Rups said:
>>Stu Nuttall subscribed to about 50 of our lists here ...
>And tried to apply to our one -- thank goodness we've a "private" list: he
>never responded to our request for a profile!  And thank you all for the
>warning, he shan't get on our list, now.
>One of my colleagues wonders if the guy is a newbie going hogwild, unaware
>of the trouble he's getting into.  Me, I'd say it's deliberate -- I mean,
>really, 50 lists from just one site?!  Plus all the others?!  The guy's a

On 6 May 1993 14:23:43 GMT Paul Goodwin said:
>Hmmm...on further investigation, I've discovered that this "Stu Nuttall" has
>subbed to about 10 public lists here (that's nearly every publicly available
>list we maintain.)
>I think we may have a problem...any suggested solutions?  I think the only
>reason I don't have him on any more lists is that he's served out...

On 6 May 1993 14:33:39 GMT Paul Goodwin said:
>I'm having Stu removed from all lists at my site and served off.  He's
>obviously some nut case, and I don't plan to deal with him anymore.  He's
>welcome to try calling me if he REALLY wants all that mail...  ;)

On 6 May 1993 14:50:31 GMT Dave Gomberg said:
>Stu Nuthall also got bounced mail from PCBUILD.  Can someone explain
>what the "serve out" business is?  I got the sub and the conceal part
>but the rest of the trick baffles me.   Dave

On 6 May 1993 15:33:26 GMT Valdis Kletnieks said:
>On Wed, 5 May 1993 18:46:07 EDT Ira Gold said:
>>Stu Nuttall also hit UMDD (University of Maryland at College Park).
>You guys are all lucky.  I'm the one who's got the Listserv 'closest'
>to the UK - guess who's seeing about 700+ bounces a day?
>On a related note, can anybody explain why these are getting dropped
>on me instead of the originating listserv?  I'm about ->this<- close to
>stuffing in a 'signoff * (global' for this guy....

On 6 May 1993 14:52:38 GMT Dave Gomberg said:
>On what to do about Stu Nuthall, why not tell his postm we will bar anyone
>from that node from any of our lists?  That way it is not our problem
>any more, it is the postmaster's.  What do y'all think?   Dave

On 6 May 1993 17:25:00 GMT Jim Cocks said:
>In reply to Dave Gomberg <GOMBERG @
>I'll wager that if someone at UCSF abuses their computer privilege you
>don't penalize every one else who happens to have an account!  Let's
>not get hysterical.  Individual problems are handled individually.  I,
>for one, have not seen anything since Monday morning.  If it persists
>then contact the postmaster and ask for assistance or a contact point
>to further deal with the individual.
>I think you will find that a polite call for assistance will do far
>more toward resolving such conflicts than any Rambo actions would.

On 6 May 1993 16:22:05 GMT Eric Thomas said:
>This is all  fine except that, in  the vast majority of  cases, the users
>that  get served  out are  non-compliant mailers  or gateways.  What they
>report is delivery  errors for mailing lists. If you  just trash them you
>will never know about the problem.

On 6 May 1993 17:26:06 GMT Marty Hoag said:
>On Thu, 6 May 1993 09:36:18 EDT Jim Cocks said:
>>Stu made quite a nuisance of himself here as well!
>   In our LISTSERV log from Friday, April 30, I see X-FOR FWDED items from
 BITNIC subscribing U9230106 @
 CPC865 .
 AC .
 UK to our ACADV
>list.  This was at 07:44 EDT (6:44 our time).  This was followed about five
>minutes later with ADA-LAW, AG-EXP-L, ANN-LOTS, etc.  You get the picture -
>they were in alphabetical order.
>   I suspect the person just submitted a file with SUB to all the lists
>but it might be interesting to have BITNIC check their logs from around that
>time if they still have them...
>   I agree this is very anti-social behaviour but I guess before I would like
>to know the mechanism before I light the fuse...   ;-)     marty

On 6 May 1993 13:32:21 GMT Sathaye, Shashi said:
>He (?) subscribed to all of our open lists. I was wondering if uk in ukcc
>was confused for a country name..
>I think this must be a program playing with peoples lists.
>What is bad is, I quiet deleted it from all lists and couple of owners
>added the id back.. :-(
> I decided to let them suffer.. A listserv sweeper can take only this much..

On 6 May 1993 13:44:58 GMT POSTMAST @
 BITNET said:
>I'll be glad to donate 3 feet of used fiber-optic - who is closest NAD
>to East-Anglia ??
>He must have automated his subscriptions to be that much of a nuisance -
>is there such a thing as a "quiet serve ... off ( netwide, permanent ? )
>or is it simpler to crazy-glue his index finger tips into his ears ?

On 6 May 1993 15:40:45 GMT Paul M. Karagianis said:
>If this thread keeps going the way it's been going we'll be ready by
>sundown to throw a public keg-party/lynching.  This might just be some
>freshman liberal arts major who did his one computer based homework
>assignment for the year and went home without logging off.  As these
>kinds of pranks go it's pretty innocuous.  On the other hand it's a
>pretty day on the US east coast and a keg-party/lynching sounds like
>fun.  -Kary.


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