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Subject: Re: If this happens to a Unix MLM?
From: Brent Chapman <brent @ GreatCircle . COM>
Date: Sun, 09 May 93 22:07:58 -0700
To: "F. Scott Ophof" <ophof @ CS . UWindsor . Ca>
Cc: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM (List managers)
In-reply-to: Your message of Sun, 9 May 93 22:09:24 EDT

# Status: OR
# What if the following happens to one or more of the Unix MLMs?
# Can such errors be dealt with properly?

Majordomo doesn't do anything automatic with bounces; they go back to
the list owners.

At the Majordomo sites that I run (GreatCircle.COM and USENIX.ORG),
there is a special list called "bounces".  If somebody's mail starts
bouncing, they get unsubscribed from the list(s) they were on and
subscribed to "bounces".  The "bounces" list is rigged so that any
bounce messages for it go to /dev/null.  Once a day, a "cron" job
sends a message to "bounces" that tells people why they're there and
how to get back on the list they were thrown off of.

As some of you have discovered (:-), I'm pretty agressive about moving
people to the "bounces" list.  I don't really care if they're new
subscribers or the pope; if they bounce, they lose, before my mailbox
starts filling up.  There's a nice little script included with the
Majordomo release called "bounce"; I just say "bounce <list> <address ...>",
and away go troubles, down the drain...  (sorry, been watching too
much TV tonight...)

That's been adequate for every situation I've run in to so far.  The
worst cases are where mail sits in somebody's queue for a week or a
month and _then_ starts timing out and bouncing; there's already a
timeout-period's worth of mail stacked up in the queue behind it,
before I even became aware of the problem.  Fortunately, none of my
lists are so busy (these days!  Firewalls was certainly an exception
early on) that they have more than a handful of messages a week.

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