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(May 1993)

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Subject: Another listserver...
From: johnw @ bahainvs . org (John Wiegley)
Date: Thu, 27 May 93 13:31:31 EDT
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Reply-to: johnw @ bahainvs . org

Well, inspired by Majordomo, and because there were features I wanted
that I wasn't finding anywhere else in the way that I wanted them, I
wrote my own listserver.  It's taken about a month, and I just
finished a few days ago.  It emulates the functionality of Majordomo
to a point, but then extends that command set to provide other
features (like three modes of security, in addition to lists being
either private or public [one mode deals with security regarding
POSTING, while the other deals with security regarding SUBSCRIBING].
It also provides an archiving service, to allow users access to old
messages, and has fairly useful local-side utilities.  Also, if a
user's account has been bouncing mail for a while, you can move their
address into a "tempdown" file [this can be done via e-mail], and the
system will automatically send them an "are you ok?" piece of mail
every two or so weeks).

The listserver was written in a script language that I wrote during
the last 8 months.  There's probably some "re-inventing of the wheel"
going on here, but hey, it was fun.  You'll never believe how much
quicker you can program things in a language of your own design.

I call it "TLSP listserv 1.0", because the script language is called
TLSP (Tiny Little Script Parser).


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