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(May 1993)

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Subject: Re: X-Listserver (Re: Pegasus X-Pmrqc header)
From: berg @ pool . Informatik . RWTH-Aachen . DE (Stephen R. van den Berg)
Date: Fri, 28 May 1993 15:50:02 +0200
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: John Wiegley's message as of 1993 May 27 Thu 8:09. <9305271209 . AA19516 @ bahainvs>

Peter Svanberg suggested:
>   X-Mailing-List: [list name/description]*[sequence number] <[list address]>
>   Example:
>   X-Mailing-List: Mailing list admin*207 <List-Managers @
 GreatCircle .

What if we change the format of this field into:

	X-Mailing-List: <list-submit-address> some_comment

The comment can then contain the name of the list and a sequence number,
or an archive retrieval key, or whatever you like.  Or it can even be
By placing the <list-submit-address> up front we ease the parsing of
this field for "dumb" parsers that only want to extract the submit
The X-Mailing-List field should of course not be added by exploders, only
by the originating big list.

Chip Rosenthal wrote:
>All email redistribution I perform, whether it be mailing lists I run,
>those I explode and redistribute, or just aliases I forward to a couple
>of people get pushed through a `resend' utility that tacks on something

>X-Redistributed-By: to the "list-managers" list

Why would you need to know about the names of all the exploders through
which this mail went?  For 99.9% of all mails that cause problems it
suffices to know what the name of the last exploder and what the name
of the originating mailinglist was.

The originating mailinglist can be extracted from the X-Mailing-List: field
and the last exploder can be obtained from the Resent-Sender: field which
you override.  If you worry about the Resent-From: field, well, you should
only add one if there wasn't already one there.

John Wiegley contributed:
>	X-Listserver: "TLSP Listserv 1.0" <list-server @
 bahainvs .

Sure, add it if you have to.  All the mailinglists I run use the
well known daily-quote-request address for administrivia.  So, because
this name can be inferred from the mailinglist name, there is no need
to add YAEF (Yet Another Extra Field :-).

>	X-Mailing-List: Daily Quote, msg #13

I'm missing the submit-address here, it doesn't hurt to include it.
Makes any automated processing so much easier.

>	X-Archive: daily-quote-archive @
 bahainvs .

Again, add it if you have to.  But I'd say that this usually can be
inferred from either the mailinglist name (daily-quote-request would
do in my case, every time), or from the X-Listserver: address.

>	Precedence: list

Definitely a must.


In general I always try to keep the number of extra fields down to a minimum,
while of course ensuring no loss of diagnostics or functionality.

Sincerely,                                  berg @
 pool .
 informatik .
 rwth-aachen .
           Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless).    berg @
 physik .
 tu-muenchen .

"And now for something *completely* different!"

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