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Subject: Re: Dealing with GEnie
From: andy @ homebase . vistachrome . com (Andy Finkenstadt)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1993 20:54:58 -0400 (EDT)
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <9308120810 . AA19985 @ mycroft . GreatCircle . COM> from "List-Managers-Digest-Owner @ GreatCircle . COM" at Aug 12, 93 01:10:05 am

Hi.  I'm the GEnie Postmaster and Internet System Operator.
I'll try to answer the questions as best I can.

> From: Michelle Dick <artemis @
 rahul .
> Date: Wed, 11 Aug 93 04:04:00 -0700
> Subject: Dealing with GEnie
> One of the members of my mailing list just made a shocking revalation.
> She said that GEnie is "archiving the Fatfree Digest on their Food &
> Wine Library".  What the heck does she mean (I know nothing about
> GEnie)?  I do have two members who get the digest through their GEnie
> accounts.  Does GEnie operate local exploders?  Is one of my members
> uploading the digest to some sort of pool?  And why the heck wasn't I
> informed? 

The "Food and Wine RoundTable" is much like a newsgroup or
mailing list dedicated to anything and everything about Food and
Wine, including Beer drinking and dietary concerns.

GEnie RoundTables usually consist of at least three parts:
  a bulletin board (discussion area)
  a real-time conference area (like talk, phone, or irc)
  a software (file) library (like ftp)

>From the statement "archiving...[in the] Library" it sounds as 
though one of the members of the RoundTable (and perhaps one
of the Sysops of it) is uploading each issue to the library to
share it with other F&W RT members.  Typically this is compressed
into a .ZIP file to save on connect time, but I don't know this
of first-hand knowledge in the case of the F&W RT.

GEnie does not operate local expanders, although I have thought
that this might be a good way to reduce traffic on the gateway
machine.  I don't have any data to back up this supposition,

As to why you were not informed I have no idea.

> Not sure how I feel about this (especially since I don't know exactly
> what is going on).  Afterall, GEnie is a for-profit system and I don't
> like the idea of them using my mailing list (which I provide for free)
> as some sort of service that they are providing for a fee (especially
> when they don't ask my permission).  Individual email is one thing, an
> archive is a whole 'nother beast.

GEnie users are charged for connect time whether they download
from the library in a compressed form or via individual electronic
mail (which is not compressed).  I do understand how you feel,
as I sometimes feel the same way about other things.  (long story).

> - --
> Michelle Dick
> artemis @
 rahul .


Andrew Finkenstadt  |  andy @
 {homes .
Systems Analyst     |  Vista-Chrome, Homes & Land Publishing Corporation
                    |  1600 Capital Circle SW, Tallahassee Florida 32310
+1 904-575-0189     |  GEnie Postmaster, Unix & Internet RoundTables Sysop

"A meeting of the Time Traveller's Association will be held two weeks ago
from tomorrow.  All eligible members welcome to attend."

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