Great Circle Associates List-Managers
(December 1993)

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Subject: Address normalization for list subscribers
From: rick @ vsystem . wimsey . bc . ca (Rick Vandenberg)
Organization: Vandenberg Systems Research, Vancouver BC
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 93 12:06:59 PST
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

I doubt that "normalization" is the correct word, but here's my problem:

I'm looking for a method to reduce an address to its simplest form,
eliminating extraneous path routing.  I know how to do it, for the most
part, but I'm wondering how other list managers handle addresses like

rick @
 vsystem .
 wimsey .
 bc .
 ca    (fine, this my real address)

vsystem!rick @
 wimsey .
 com      (I also consider this correct, as vsystem
                              has a UUCP connection to wimsey)

These are the problem address formats:

  vanbc!vsystem!rick @
 apple .

If I subscribed to one of your lists, and the address had been mangled
with bang paths, would you use the address as is, or is there some magic
algorithm or mailer function that can convert it back to the form
user @

I know that mailers with access to MX records and UUCP maps can figure
out where to send the mail; that's not the problem.  My software has the
ability to restrict list postings and provide access to files, based on
the user's address.  If I can't resolve the addresses down to a simpler
form, it pretty much kills the usefulness of these features.

Unfortunately, as a UUCP site, I don't have have access to MX records
and UUCP maps.

Any ideas?


Rick Vandenberg             rick @
 vsystem .
 wimsey .
 bc .
Vandenberg Systems Research For more information about V-MailServer
204 - 2255 West 5th Ave.    send a blank e-mail to
Vancouver, BC V6K 4K1       vmail-info-request @
 vsystem .
 wimsey .
 bc .

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