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Subject: Re: How do I treat AOLers mailing to wrong address?
From: Gess Shankar <gess @ knex . mind . org>
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Date: Fri, 03 Jun 94 12:35:15 EDT
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Reply-to: gess @ knex . mind . org (Gess Shankar)

stevep @
 snowhite .
 cis .
 uoguelph .
 ca (Steve Portigal) writes:

> I have this problem on a regular basis. It's not just AOLers, however.
> The footer on my message indicates which address is for admin (-request)
> and which address is for posting. However since the digest comes From:

It is true that this is not just the AOLers doing it. But in my case
99% of the time, it is from someone using aol. And I have tried to
find out why they do this and from their response I know that it is
the aol mailer that give them a short From: and Subject: and I guess
the UI automatically responds to the From: as interpreted by AOL.

AOL appends the complete header at the end of the email text, but no
one ever bothers even to look at them I think. Since I have a large
number of aol subscribers, I see it very often.

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