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(July 1994)

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Subject: SmartList (& procmail) v3.03 have been released
From: berg @ pool . Informatik . RWTH-Aachen . DE (Stephen R. van den Berg)
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 19:37:04 +0200
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

The mailinglist management package that used to be distributed together
with procmail has now been split off in a separate package which has been
called "SmartList".

There have been numerous enhancements since v2.90 (which must have been
roughly the version which was compared to the Majordomo and Listprocessor
packages about a year ago).

The packages can be picked up at (if the German Telecom permits, that is,
because they are currently messing up the internet routing here every
other day):

Or, you can obtain them via the (SmartList :-) mail archive server by
sending a mail to procmail-request @
 informatik .
 rwth-aachen .
 de with the
following (MIME format):

	Subject: archive get procmail*tar.gz SmartList*tar.gz

or (uuencoded, non-MIME):

	Subject: archive get procmail*uue.* SmartList*uue.*


Summary of what SmartList provides:
	+ The overseeable management of an arbitrary number of mailinglists
	+ Convenient and simple creation of new mailinglists
	+ Convenient and simple removal of existing mailinglists
	+ Fully automated subscription/unsubscription/help-request processing
	  (no operator intervention needed)
	+ Enough intelligence to overcome the ignorance of some subscribers
	  (will direct subscribe and unsubscribe requests away from the
	  regular list and automatically onto the -request address)
	+ No hardwired format for (un)subscribe requests (i.e. new subscribers
	  need not be educated, unsubscribing users do not need to remember
	  any particular syntax)
	+ *Intelligent* autoremoval of addresses from the list that cause
	  too many bounces
	+ Submissions can be limited to people on the accept list (which could
	  be the current list of subscribers)
	+ The fully automated subscription mechanism allows for a reject list
	  of unwanted subscribers and a general address screening mechanism
	  which allows you to control exactly who is allowed to subscribe
	+ Optional implicit subscription upon first submission to the list
	+ MIME-compliant auto-digest-generation (configurable per list)
	+ Joint management of several mailinglists possible
	+ Customisation per mailinglist or mailinglist group possible (simply
	  remove or create the desired hardlinks)
	+ A listmaintainer can be assigned per list;  miscellaneous requests
	  that couldn't be handled by the list automatically are then
	  forwarded to his mail address (instead of being accumulated in
	  a file)
	+ Allows for remote maintenance of any mailinglist by a
	+ Integrated archiving service
	+ Integrated diagnostic aid to give hints to the maintainer about
	  possible problems
	+ Moderated mailinglists with an arbitrary number of moderators
	+ Automatically eliminates duplicate submissions
	+ You can set up a mailinglist to function as a standalone mail
	  archive server
	+ Extended MIME support (autorecognition of well known file formats)
	+ The archive server can send arbitrarily long (even binary) files
	  in MIME-multipart mails

Sincerely,                                  berg @
 pool .
 informatik .
 rwth-aachen .
           Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless).

In this signature, the concluding three words `were left out'.

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