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Subject: Re: Limited Perspective
From: mmorse @ nsf . gov (Michael H. Morse)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 08:33:48 EDT
To: rsk @ gynko . circ . upenn . edu (Rich Kulawiec), gwalker @ rtfm . mlb . fl . us (Grayson Walker)
Cc: artemis @ rahul . net, list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: rsk @ gynko . circ . upenn . edu (Rich Kulawiec) "Re: Limited Perspective" (Jul 7, 7:53am)

> Rather than spend time searching for another convention,
> or expend a lot of effort trying to use technology to solve what is
> essentially a people problem, my position is that consistent use
> by everyone involved (i.e. mailing list moderators, such as you and me)
> will slowly educate the relevant population and the problem will
> gradually diminish.

Anyway, I think you have it completely backwards.  Successful companies
are those that use technology to solve people problems.  Compared to
software and procedures, people are devilishly difficult to change.
What's really most likely to happen is that Microsoft will come in with
cool, bullet-proof, user-friendly software to do mailing lists and blow
away this whole egotistic inconsistent mess we live with now.

You cannot "educate" a population that is rapidly growing, that is
rapidly becoming less computer literate, in a complex task that they do
not do often enough to master.  Your problem is certain to grow, not


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