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Subject: why no exploders?
From: arielle @ taronga . com (Stephanie da Silva)
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 94 16:36:25 CDT
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

psrc @
 pegasus .
 att .
 com (Paul S R Chisholm) asks:

> Why?  > Could you please say what
> your bad experience with exploders has been, or why not dealing with
> exploders has been better?
> I'm asking from the point of view of a large service provider with
> experienced users.  

It has nothing to do with the technical aspects.  It has everything to
do with the nature of the list.

You see, the list is a forum for Disney television animation and we have
a couple of people who work at the Disney studios as members of the list.
One of them freely dumps all sorts of inside information on us.  He's also
sent episode scripts.  This is with the understanding that it's for our
use only, and not to be spread with wild abandon about the net.

I realize that it's not possible to educate all the users, but I try (I
have a reputation of being a bit of a hardnose, but there's zero noise on 
the list).  I have to have faith in the membership and hope they've read 
the guidelines, and it seems to have worked out so far.  We've had a couple 
glitches in the past, a case of one user thinking all information on the 
net is like free love (for the taking and giving -- he's still like this, 
btw, and we still have arguments over various things) and he took some 
scripts and set them up for anonymous ftp (and took them right down again
:-).  So now we put lots of obvious notices (Do not post to the net, do 
not redistribute, etc, etc) on anything copyrighted that goes to the list.
I understand Disney is the same way -- they don't really like stuff like
this getting out into the public domain, so I think we're pretty lucky and
don't want to abuse it.

At one point I did have some exploders but I found they caused some 
confusion on the other end as the readers had no way of telling that 
the newsgroup they were reading was really a gated mailing list, so I 
removed them.  (Usually when talking with said confused person, upon 
finding out it was a mailing list they lost interest, so it was just as 

My other mailing list is one of a sexual nature and people sometimes get
paranoid about who might be reading what they're writing, but it's also
very low volume so I don't worry about that one.

Stephanie da Silva			          PO Box 720711
arielle @
 taronga .
 com                               Houston, TX  77272
Moderator,                       713 568 0381

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