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From: lmorrow @ imcnj . imc . com
Date: Tue Jul 12 18:13:54 EDT 1994
To: List-Managers-Digest @ GreatCircle . COM

From: Information Management Company <imc @
 imc .
Subject: Information of interest to your users

For those trying to harness computing resources across their enterprise,
IMC (Information Management Company) has a team of products designed to 
to integrate all hardware, software and applications and guarantee 
transparent UNIX-to-mainframe connectivity:  TUXEDO ETP AND OPEN

Tuxedo routes client requests instantly, and allows users or functions
to be added without slowing system reponse, adding more processing time
or network overhead.  Open TransPort interactively communicates between
the mainframe and Tuxedo UNIX applications over TCP/IP, so data moves
immediately, network wide.

Tuxedo integrates with relational DBMS's with features that turbocharge
database operations.  Open TransPort improves network performance and 
efficiency by transparently executing mainframe transactions from 
multiple Tuxedo servers.  Service translation is automatic.  A simple
config change adds client/server access.  No rewriting.  No retraining.

End users will get faster database access and improved execution.  
Developers focus on creating high-performance applications network
wide, and not on internal transaction processes.  Open TransPort
easy access to conventional TP applications without conventional 
IMS wrestling means instant access, update, flexible smartsizing
and simplified application design.

OPEN TRANSPORT and TUXEDO ETP give you faster network performance,
drastically reduced costs, simple straight-forward operation.
For details, contact IMC at 908-417-9770 or internet imc @
 imc .
 com .

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