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(July 1994)

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Subject: Re: Policies and problems of lists
From: Michelle Dick <artemis @ rahul . net>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 94 17:30:13 -0700
To: List-Managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <199407292209 . RAA26818 @ antares . mcs . anl . gov>

Gene Rackow <rackow @
 mcs .
 anl .
 gov> wrote:
> 1. A list of addresses that is checks to see if the mail should be refused.
> This is for the case above where they get the message and remail it back
> with new message-id, etc.
>   basicly "if (from == bozo-in-list) exit"
> 2. A database of message-id's that have already been feed through the list.
> In this way, the sites that misconfigure their alias to include the main
> list, or improper use of mail->news->mail drops these messages and users
> do not get upset.
> One of these days, if time ever permits, I'm going to add those features
> into the resend of majordomo.   Hopefully someone will beat me to it. ;-)

The Procmail/SmartList mailing list package for unix systems does all
this already.  I'm plugging it here because it usually gets little
mention when comparisons of mailing list programs are made.

It: catches duplicates, filters admin stuff away from the public list,
can handle reject/accept lists (lists of people who are not allowed to
post/list of people who are allowed to post), handles most bounces,
and lots of other excellent stuff.  It's mostly in procmail script, so
it is highly configurable to the unique requirements of an individual
list. It also includes a very functional archive server (users can
even do egrep searches on archive files via email).

I use it on a small list I run and it's great.  If I'd have installed
it on my large list I could have avoided many past problems on the
list.  I'd install it now, but my current site has decided to start
charging for mailing lists and I don't think I can afford to run it
there anymore.  I'm looking at my options.

Hmmm.  Anyone know of "angel" site willing to host a high-volume,
high-readership mailing list?  I may put it on netcom, but I haven't
yet determined if they'll allow SmartList (they do have majordomo, but
I'd prefer SmartList).

Michelle Dick       artemis @
 rahul .
 net       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List

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