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(May 1995)

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Subject: Verification Request from a directory operator
From: alan @ znyx . com (Alan Deikman)
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 09:21:18 -0700
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

I got the following this morning.  Does anyone know anything about this
directory, and is there any reason NOT to respond to this request?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

>Dear List Owner:
>GJR Software Products is under contract to maintain the List of Lists
>database which is currently available on America Online.  In order to
>assure accuracy of the information provided by this resource, a summary of
>the entry for the PCI-SIG list is presented below.  Our records indicate
>that this entry has not been verified in the past six months.  Please take
>a few minutes to review this information and make any appropriate
>revisions.  To submit changes, please forward the entire form back to us
>clearly marking what you would like updated.  If the information is
>correct and requires no update, please send a message to confirm the entry
>so that your entry will not be deleted under the assumption that it is no
>longer valid.  In all cases, please include the Comtex ID noted in this
>summary or the list title shown as Short Title.
>If you are updating the Resources entry, please include fully qualified
>URLs for FTP, Gopher, and WWW services.  Please do not send back a copy of
>your list's welcome file.  This defeats the purpose of asking you, the
>list owner, for what you think is pertinent to your entry.  It also tends
>to take your response out of the normal processing flow and can cause
>significant delays in the update process.
>Updated information is usually live in 10 to 15 days from receipt.  If you
>have further questions, please feel free to contact me.
>Comtex ID:          yiaf6azs
>Short Title:        PCI-SIG
>Descriptive Title:  The Peripheral Component Interconnet (PCI) Bus 
>                    Technology Discussion List 
>Last Update:        102894
>List Owner:         Alan Deikman
>List Owner Address: alan @
 znyx .
>Server Type:       Personal Run or Other Server mechanism
>Server address:    Inapplicable or Undetermined
>To subscribe:
>    Send a politely worded request to pci-sig-request @
 znyx .
 com .
>To post to the list:
>    Information on where to send articles will be provided upon 
>    subscribing.
>Digest Available:     No 
>Moderated:            No 
>Edited:               No
>Usenet Echo:          Not Applicable
>Language:             English
>Current Description:
>PCI-SIG is for the discussion of technology and marketing of the PCI
>(Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus, as defined by the PCI-SIG group.
>Related resources (FTP, Gopher, archives, WWW):
>None listed
>Gene J. Raymond                       gjrsoft @
 cais .
 com (primary)
>                                      GJRSoft @
 aol .
>GJR Software Products
>PO Box 3416                           Se habla espanol.
>Merrifield, VA 22116-3416             On parle francais.

  Alan Deikman, ZNYX Corporation
  alan @
 znyx .

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