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(May 1995)

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Subject: Re: Verification Request from a directory operator
From: dattier @ wwa . com (David W. Tamkin)
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 13:33:38 -0500 (CDT)
To: alan @ znyx . com (Alan Deikman)
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <9505091621 . AA25860 @ znyx . com> from "Alan Deikman" at May 9, 95 09:21:18 am

Alan Deikman wrote,

| I got the following this morning.  Does anyone know anything about this
| directory, and is there any reason NOT to respond to this request?

I got a similar letter from Gene Raymond a few months ago.  He and I had some
personal correspondence about it, and the whole thing seems legitimate as far
as I can tell.  The point is to make sure that AOL subscribers get correct
information about mailing lists (though you can even bring the water to the
horse but you still can't make it drink).  They start out with what they
can cull from Marty Hoag's NEW-LIST mailing list and Stephanie da Silva's
PAML and then seek verifications and updates from list managers.

It can't hurt to respond.  At the strongest you can say that you want your
list not to be offered on AOL at all (a feeling I've had many times, not
because of the reputation its customers have but because of its lousy mailer
that addresses replies to the From_ line over either Reply-To: or From:).

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