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Subject: Re: Purpose of digests ?
From: kr @ shell . portal . com (kr)
Date: shell\r\elogin:, 15 May 1995 17:38:56 -0800
To: frjones @ sa . mnet . uswest . com (Frank R. Jones), Cormack @ cardiff . ac . uk
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com, sa!frjones @ uunet . uu . net

At 9:09 5/15/95, Frank R. Jones wrote:
>        Again in my experience, digested mail is preferable to
>burst/single messages, in that other mail doesn't get lost in the
>flurry of several mailing list's messages coming in sproadically.

What about filtering and sorting ? I use Eudora as a mail reader, and I
have a separate mailbox for each mailing list I am subscribed to. Works

The big drawback of digests (which should have been called "accumulations",
or something like that) is that it is next to impossible to tear apart the
digest again, in order to respond to individual messages (which I often
want to do). At least it is impossible in Eudora. You have to manually cut
& paste. I believe there is something called "undigestify" in RMAIL in
Emacs, but I have not ever used it. For that to reliably work would require
all digests to be in exactly the same format, so that it is easy to parse.
This might be problem.

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