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Subject: Re: IETFHDR Digests & Eudora
From: Michelle Dick <artemis @ rahul . net>
Date: Sun, 21 May 95 00:13:46 -0700
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <199505201559 . LAA10382 @ janet . advsys . com>

Bob wrote:
> The problem isn't with MIME digests.  The problem is with people's MIME 
> readers.  Programs like elm which only partially impliment MIME.  MIME digest
> can be similar enough to normal digests that splitters work on them, but the 
> Content-Type: header causes mail reader to react.  If you don't like the way 
> your reader shows MIME digests, complain to the authors and give suggestions.

My readers rejected that response -- I tried it.  They didn't care why
it didn't "work", they barely even knew the name of the program they
used to read mail (from what I could tell, it was mostly Pine, Elm,
and Eudora.  They didn't want to fiddle with anything on their end,
they just wanted a simple easy to read digest.

I didn't like the way MH parsed the digest because it kept pausing
after each message.  My list consists mostly of lots of short
messages, the pausing between each message was annoying as all get
out.  I kept yelling out the computer "stop that!" until I got sane
and did "man mh" to look up how to turn it off.  :-)

> The biggest advantage of MIME digests over "normal" digests is that MIME 
> digests can contain MIME documents.

So can regular digests.  One of my testers tried sending a short
binary in mime format to the list (after I removed the mime headers
from the overall digest).  Two Eudora users reported that their
readers automatically handled it.

> Practically, though, unless you have a small list, you'd probably want to 
> offer both MIME and non-MIME digests.  But you aren't going to see better 
> reader support until there are more MIME digest-ed lists out there.

Nah, I have no plans to offer a MIME option.  Not one single reader
wanted it and most hated it.  If they want it all they have to do is
filter it though procmail on their end and add a "Content" header up
top.  I don't need to do it for them.  Although I eliminated the MIME
headers, SmartList is friendly towards internal MIME stuff (adjusting
the dividers and such to be internally consistent).

Michelle Dick       artemis @
 rahul .
 net       East Palo Alto, CA
          Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List

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