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Subject: Re: Marie Franco's diligence
From: Bob Fleming <bfleming @ pinsight . com>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 19:24:19 -0700
To: dattier @ wwa . com, bfleming @ pinsight . com
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

>Every day when Marie Franco receives the digest her autoresponse sends this
>to the list, which in turn distributes it to everybody:
>| >This is a response from my "Mail Manager." It responds to any messages
> while
>| >I'm out of the office. I'm on a course June 19, 20, and 21.  I'll be in
> on
>| >Thursday, June 22, and then away on holidays until the 18th of July.
>Bob Fleming commented:
>| Thanks for keeping us all posted.  Will we be getting this message each
> day
>| until July 18th ...  ;-)
>Apparently we will, Bob, except for June 22.  No wonder she refers to her
>mail manager in quotes; it isn't the real thing.
>I wonder how many days the digest has consisted only of Marie's autoresponse
>to the previous day's digest (which in turn may have comprised nothing but
>her autoresponse the the one before).  But darn it, that's an article for
> the
>list, so the next day there's another digest issue, and her acknowledgment
>comes in again to trigger another the day after, even though no one else has
>been submitting.  If her autoreplier were configured right, there would be
> no
>mail for it to react to.  The way this feeds on itself is truly funny.
>When digest subscribers to my lists misconfigure their autorepliers I tweak
>the list routines to prevent their blurbs from going out.  If they're on the
>reflector distribution and sending their autoresponses to the authors, I
>switch them to digest so that they will stop annoying the other members and
>make note that they are not allowed EVER to return to the reflector.

Yea!  NEVER!  Bannishment!  I like it!  Maybe we should talk behind her back 
while she's away... spread rumors about her...  Nah... better not:  I hear 
she's related to that Franco guy who ran Spain for a while.  Heck, we could all 
be shot at dawn.  Maybe auto responders are not that bad.  In fact, I like 
them... yes, I really do... honest, General.


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