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Subject: Re: Architext
From: dattier @ wwa . com (David W. Tamkin)
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 22:14:43 -0500 (CDT)
To: graham @ atext . com (Graham Spencer)
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <199508040232 . TAA08603 @ mas . atext . com> from "Graham Spencer" at Aug 3, 95 07:32:48 pm

I had written,

|   >  So, Mr. Spencer, maybe it was a bad decision to write from
|   >  list @
 cochese .
 atext .
 com (just as it was to misspell "Cochise"),
|   >  but it didn't happen by accident. Your company continued to write
|   >  from it and even typed it into the .signature; that sounds pretty
|   >  much like a decision to me.

Graham Spencer responded,

| Please note that even though we sent the apologetic mail from the
| wrong host, we did include a valid email address (list @
 atext .
| *not* list @
 cochese .
 atext .
 com) in that apology. (In fact, we mentioned
| list @
 atext .
 com three times,

... and Jeff Young's or any other real person's address zero times ...

|                              and never mentioned list @
 cochese .
 atext .
| in the body of the message.) Jeff simply didn't realize that sending
| from was the source of the problem, so he repeated
| the mistake in his second mailing.

We've a misunderstanding here, Mr. Spencer.  There are two very separable
issues: the host in the return address and the only username supplied for
responses.  I thought that your earlier apology was for the latter; you've
now explained that it was for the former.  You appear to stand by the latter.

What I said the first time referred to Mr. Young's withholding any contact
information other than the "list" address: that part was a decision, not
an accident.  The .signature address was list @
 atext .
 com and not
list @
 cochese .
 atext .
 com, but it still was list @

| It was definitely *not* a decision...

Including "cochese" may have been fortuity, but using "list" was design, and
so was omitting any address that reaches a person instead of a daemon. 

| To paraphrase Hanlon's razor: "never attribute to malice what can
| adequately be explained by a lack of knowledge".

Right; I said that it was a *bad* decision, not that it was a *mean* one.

| PS: "cochese" is named after a fictional character; the spelling is
| deliberate (unlike our mailing from list @
 cochese .
 atext .

Let me guess: this fictional character admired Cochise but couldn't spell?

David W. Tamkin  Box 3284  Skokie, Illinois  60076-6284
dattier @
 wwa .
 com    MCI Mail: 426-1818   +1 312 714 5610

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