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Subject: Re: Unauthorized copying of posts
From: mengwong @ icg . pobox . com (Meng Weng Wong)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 08:03:00 -0400 (EDT)
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <Pine . SUN . 3 . 90 . 950822193442 . 5436A-100000 @ junior . wariat . org> from "Monee C. Kidd" at Aug 22, 95 10:02:06 pm
Reply-to: mengwong @ icg . pobox . com

Monee Kidd <mkidd @
 junior .
 wariat .
 org> maintains a read only
list, culling recipe archives from Usenet newsgroups, and
posting them once a month.

| A bout a week or so ago, I noticed in r.f.choc, someone has begun a new 
| web site pertaining to chocolate. The first thing I saw when I went there 
| was references to my list,  with all my words lifted verbatim from my 
| list info post. Which I didn't mind so much. Until I found a whole 
| section of this site is dedicated to my recipes. The site owner, tho he 
| did credit me for putting together the archives,  is taking all my work 
| and dumping it onto his pages, without having bothered to tell me, let 
| alone ask my permission.
| I know, since the posts were from Usenet to begin with, I
| don't own a copywrite on the material or anything, but
| he's taken my formatting, and my hard work, and I don't
| appreciate that.

You can't copyright the recipes themselves.  But you *can*
copyright the original "selection, coordination, or
arrangement" of your compilations.

To qualify for copyright, your presentation of the
information must be original; for example, if you use a
specific format for your work, and he's reproducing that
format on his site, then he's infringing, and you can
rightly tell him to stop.

(standard list-digest formats probably don't count as an
"original format".)

If you're not simply archiving all recipes posted to certain
Usenet newsgroups, but are selecting them with special
criteria, the database becomes more original, with
increased copyright protection.

All works created after March 1989 (when the United States
joined the Berne Convention) are, by default, copyrighted,
even if you don't explicitly say so..

You can read more about copyright as it applies to the
online world in Lance Rose's "NetLaw", McGraw-Hill, 1995.

Meng Weng Wong
mengwong @
 pobox .
permanent email addresses and urls, and mailing lists:
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