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(August 1995)

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Subject: List management services
From: "Curt A. Monash" <0006058685 @ mcimail . com>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 16:08 EST
To: List Managers <List-Managers @ greatcircle . com>


I'm looking at setting up a few mailing lists, with memberships of various
sizes.  I'll start under 20, but eventually I also want to build a
"broadcast"-only (i.e., one-way) list with potentially enormous circulation
(10,000? 100,000?).

I'm reluctant to set up and administer my own server.  The capital costs are
silly for small lists, especially since I lack the requisite technical
capability right now, and my hoped-for volume explosion makes the big lists
potentially risky as well.

Under these constraints:  How do you suggest I go about it?  Presumably,
some ISPs have services; who are the best vendors?  (Price, service, ease of

I also have an excellent track record of getting software and services for
free (comes from writing a newsletter about the software industry).  If I
get a volunteer, what should I ask them for?

Thanks in advance!!!

Curt Monash
Monash Software Letter
cmonash @
 mcimail .

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