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(August 1995)

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Subject: Internet Resources Database(tm)
From: mbohnet @ marktcons . f . eunet . de (Martin Bohnet Markt Consulting KG)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 23:56:37 +0200
To: List-Managers @ GREATCIRCLE . COM

(I resend this message because I got notice that it might not have
gone through. Sorry if you get it twice.)

I want to inform the subscribers of this list about a new, soon to be
launched offline Internet Guide, the Internet Resources Database(TM), and 
want to ask each of you to submit a brief description of your the 
mailing list you run, to ensure that IRD is presenting your list with the
most current informations.

The Internet Resources Database ? (IRD) is a very comprehensive
guide to all Internet resources for the PC. 
With the IRD software every user can quickly built his own
Internet Resources Database, by including all those
information files that cover his or her area(s) of interest.
The database can be easily updated with the most current or additional
information's in a matter of minutes by downloading the appropriate
IRD database file.
The actual files and new files will be available for free downloading from the
IRD Home Page and at various other sites on the Internet

Check the IRD Home Page for more info's

We would appreciate if you can provide informations about your mailing list
using our feedback form.
You can request the form on the IRD Support&Feedback Page 

or by sending a blank E-mail to our autoresponder:
ird-inputform-inpmaill @
 mbmarkt .
 entrepreneurs .

Thank you all

Martin Bohnet
              Martin Bohnet Markt Consulting KG
 Email:mbohnet @
 marktcons .
 f .
 eunet .
 de or 100045 .
 3651 @
 compuserve .
           Tel:+49-6126-93100 Fax:+49-6126-93107
    The ultimate guide to all Internet resources for your PC 

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