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(August 1995)

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Subject: Re: Confused AOL Users
From: PMDAtropos @ aol . com
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 19:49:06 -0400
To: bourbeau @ kenmoto1 . iii . net
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

In a message dated 95-08-30 18:08:50 EDT, bourbeau @
 kenmoto1 .
 iii .
 net (Ken
Bourbeau) writes:

[ information about current mail system clipped ]
>Sounds like a pretty foolish thing you folks have done. 

I've forwarded Mr Bourbeau's comments to our mail developers; other comments
can be sent to postmaster @
 aol .
 com for forwarding. I would like to mention
that (a) I'm not in charge of mail development and (b) I'm only providing the
information to help list owners deal with the situation. I'm *not* asking you
to play the role of educator, nor am I making excuses or apologies for
decisions I had no part of.

>You implement
>mime attachments knowing full well your own software will not
>open the message.

Actually, I'm told that the large-text > attachment process is separate from
MIME (though forwarding the attachment out to the Internet does make it a
MIME attachment). There has been a long-standing request by AOL members that
the "chunking" function be gotten rid of. I also understand that the option
to go back to the old "chunking" form will be provided in the near future.
AOL client software which uses a text container capable of opening >32k files
is planned, I believe for the next version. The current software uses the
standard Mac and Windows text container, which cannot display more than ~32k
of text.

Again, I only posted the message in an effort to provide list owners with
more information so that they can be prepared should AOL members ask them
about the situation. I'm not asking you to take on the role of educator (you
can point members at AOL TechLive or me, if you prefer), neither am I
justifying or trying to excuse the situation.

Further flames are respectfully requested to go to private mail.

--David O'Donnell

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