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Subject: Are You Pissed?
From: Dave Del Torto <ddt @ lsd . com>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 13:44:35 -0800
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: jadestar @ netcom . com (JaDe), peterqz @ primenet . com (Peter Quizert)

At 11:02 pm 11/10/95, JaDe wrote:
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>Subject: Re: Are You Preapred?
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>Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 23:02:51 -0800 (PST)
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>> The Problem:
>>                 Most companies require a pre-employment drug test.
>>                 If you are seeking employment, on probation, or in
>>                 the military, you will have to take a drug test.

Wait a minute... Peter Quizert from Eau Claire is selling piss kits?!?
                 ^^^^^ ^^^^         ^^^ ^^^^^^            ^^^^
Is this a _joke_? ;)

If it is, it's a pretty bad one, but whether it's a 'namephreak' gag or
not, it's becoming apparent to me that we have achieved a virtual state of
war with the spammers. I'm pretty sick of Spam in my diet... it would be
one thing if I was scooping it out of the can and heaping it on my _own_
plate, but I'm not: someone is leaning over my shoulder and spreading it
nice and thick on my toast for me. >gag<

I suggest that if it's not already being done, we begin to organize
ourselves in various ways (eg. participating on this list) to meet the
oncoming spam tidal wave. Whether or not list-managers care to admit it or
not, this stuff we've been seeing recently is the just the tip of the
spamberg. Look where this idiot _aimed_ his spam, folks: if that's not a
metaphorical slap in the face with a glove...then is he really slueless
about who he was spamming? And look at the growing number of miscreants who
are using C&S' net.bomb-building instructions to form new commercial
ventures that explicitly exist to spam the net for a $400+ fee! Imagine how
many (more) unsuspecting businesspeople will discover to their chagin (like
the poor chap who recently apologized to the whole world) that these
charlatans are actually charging them money to embarrass them in front of
millions of educated, organized netizens (and that it's going to earn them
only emnity in the long run).

Of course, no-one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the
[insert nationality here] people, did they...

Imho, some pro-active measures need to be taken by net.admins to defend
net.citizens. I hate to sound like I want a net "police force," since it
goes against my cypherpunk side, but if we don't begin to deal with the
spammers in better than the ad hoc methods currently being employed
(excellent though they may be), there could be lots of other unpleasantries
in store for us, not to mention some pretty unsavory reactionaries deciding
that they need to regulate us out of existence. There are dangers in some
of the ideas I propose to be sure, dangerous powers which could be abused
by bad people, but if we focus on education and suggestion and peer
pressure, we might preserve at least some of what makes the net great for a
while longer.

To begin with, responsible groups could collaborate to compile an ongoing
registry of spammers which any sysadmin (or anyone) could surf to and pick
up a pre-built killfile materials and Spam advisories. A set of guidelines
could be drawn up by a group of non-fascist, responsible list managers that
would qualify a spammer to be added to the registry. The members could
rotate annually, and the rules should be clear. The registry could be used
by any ISP that chose to participate to build killfiles or base a service
denial on. Self-regulation should be the watch-phrase and no-one should
force anyone else to participate: it should just be obvious, like reading
Consumer Reports if you want to buy a stove.

A set of basic netiquette suggestions to live by could be established (an
interesting exercise in and of itself), sort of a Spama Carta or something,
and should be propagated worldwide in many languages so that everyone on
the net could enjoy mail sans spam, etc. Clear consequences could be
established (in a short, easy-to-read document), made public and pointed to
in every new "kit of parts" that any "responsible" ISP "subscriber to the
commandments" includes in their startup ReadMe. I guess I'm talking about a
legal microcosm for co-existence on the net. This will take a long time,
but it'll have to be done someday, or the whole thing is going to go right
down the tubes while we sit back and watch, and I don't think I'm just
being an alarmist. These are just my ideas: I invite your feedback.


"Thou shalt not spam thy net." -- Seventh String, Church of the Machine

"A furore Normannorum libera nos"

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