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(November 1995)

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Subject: Re: Are You Pissed?
From: pmck @ en . com (Monee C. Kidd)
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 17:52:56 -0500 (EST)
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

>Wait a minute... Peter Quizert from Eau Claire is selling piss kits?!?
>                 ^^^^^ ^^^^         ^^^ ^^^^^^            ^^^^
>Is this a _joke_? ;)
>If it is, it's a pretty bad one, but whether it's a 'namephreak' gag or
>not, it's becoming apparent to me that we have achieved a virtual state of
>war with the spammers. I'm pretty sick of Spam in my diet... it would be
>one thing if I was scooping it out of the can and heaping it on my _own_
>plate, but I'm not: someone is leaning over my shoulder and spreading it
>nice and thick on my toast for me. >gag<

[rest snipped]

The postmaster on is a pretty swift one. I got this in
response to my note to him:

>Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 12:19:13 -0700 (MST)
>From: "James J. Lippard" <lippard2 @
 primenet .
>To: pmck @
 en .
>Subject: Recent Primenet spam
>You are receiving this automatic response because you have sent email
>to postmaster @
 primenet .
 com with a subject containing either the word
>"spam" or the phrase "ARE YOU PREPARED," and are almost certainly
>complaining about the massive email spam to mailing lists by Primenet user
>peterqz @
 primenet .
 com, Peter Quizert.  Excuse me, I mean ex-Primenet
>user Peter Quizert.  His account has been terminated and is being billed
>for the time required to respond to complaints.  A report has been
>posted to
>   We apologize for the net abuse, which is a violation of our user
>agreement, the relevant section of which is appended below for your
>If you would like to reply to this message for any reason, you do not
>need to worry about getting an autoresponse so long as the subject of
>your message contains "Recent Primenet spam."
>Jim Lippard
>Web Administrator, Postmaster, and Spam Canceller
>Primenet Services for the Internet
>21.  The following violations of "netiquette" are grounds for immediate
>     suspension of service pending investigation by PRIMENET and will
>     result in termination of the account(s) the investigation determines
>     to have originated or transmitted these types of traffic.
>  (a) Posting a single article or substantially similar articles to an
>      excessive number of newsgroups (i.e., more than 20) or continued
>      posting of articles which are off-topic (e.g., off-topic according
>      to the newsgroup charter or the article provokes complaints from
>      the regular readers of the newsgroup for being off-topic).
>  (b) Sending unsolicited mass emailings (i.e., to more than 25 users)
>      which provoke complaints from the recipients.
>  (c) Engaging in either (a) or (b) from a provider other than PRIMENET and
>      using an account on PRIMENET as a mail drop for responses.
>  (d) Continued harrassment of other individuals on the Internet after
>      being asked to stop by those individuals and by PRIMENET.
>  (e) Impersonating another user or otherwise falsifying one's user name
>      in email, Usenet postings, on IRC, or with any other Internet
>      service.  (This does not preclude the use of nicknames in IRC or
>      the use of anonymous remailer services.)
>  Users whose accounts are terminated for any of the above infractions
>  are also responsible for the cost of labor to cleanup and respond to
>  complaints incurred by PRIMENET.


Not this this will clear out all spam from the net, but we can rest easy,
knowing that this particular spammer has been stopped.

Generic .sig file. Use your imagination.
Monee C. Kidd
pmck @
 en .

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