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Subject: Re: "list" command and blocking spams
From: Mitch Collinsworth <mkc @ graphics . cornell . edu>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 95 14:42:55 -0500
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sun, 12 Nov 95 11:06:00 EST." <Pine . SUN . 3 . 91 . 951112110253 . 4204A-100000 @ unix3 . netaxs . com>

>> >It should be fairly easy to add a "shunning" feature to resend, it's
>> >pretty close to the $opt_I code. Addresses that match regular expressions
>> >in a config file get dropped, or the sender gets a bounce message "Your
>> >address has been used for spamming, we will no longer distribute mail from
>> >this address. If you feel that there has been an error, contact
>> >majordomo-owner @
 site .
 org .
 dom .
>> The problem I see with this aproach is that it won't work. You'll have to
>> allow an address to spew once before you can add it to your regexp list.
>> Kinda defeats the purpose of it, no?
>Yes, this really would only be good against spammers who either are 
>posting from a system they own, or from a system that doesn't do anything 
>about spammers.  It wouldn't do a damned thing to stop things like the 
>recent primenet spam.  We have to do things to make spamming more 
>difficult, instead of just worrying about the cleanup.

I won't disagree with making spamming more difficult.  Closing the list
is one tactic along that line.  But I _will_ disagree with the suggestion
that adding a "shunning" feature to resend won't work.  I did just that
here and it has stopped a number of recent spams from making it through
to my lists.  Not just repeat spams like magazines, but also ones that
haven't hit my lists yet.  How is this so?  Because when an early warning
message is posted here on list-managers I add it's From: or Subject:
or perhaps both to the regexp list and if resend detects it it will
bounce.  This method has choked a number of first-time spams at my site.


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