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(November 1995)

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Subject: SPAM ALERT (Wolverine Capital)
From: Dave Del Torto <ddt @ lsd . com>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 16:58:48 -0800
To: postmaster @ popd . ix . netcom
Cc: List Managers List <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>, ralberts @ popd . ix . netcom . com


SPAM ALERT! (as if you didn't already know :).

These "Wolverines" are apparently completely without a clue when it comes
to how to use the Internet properly. I recommend suspending their account
until they RTFM, and sending a primer on how to get a Web page up as the
last piece of official mail they get for a while.



PS: The Spam itself is reprinted below ONLY for the List-Managers list so
all the conscientious postmasters and list managers out there can set up
killfiles or filters for the "ralberts @
 popd .
 ix .
 netcom .
 com" address.

................................. cut here ................................

Comments: Authenticated sender is <ralberts @
 popd .
 ix .
 netcom .
From: "ralberts @
 community .
 net" <ralberts @
 ix .
 netcom .
To: ralberts @
 popd .
 ix .
 netcom .
Date:          Sun, 26 Nov 1995 20:41:38 +0000
Subject:       free  money

secret of how and where to apply!  Private Foundations (these are
NOT government grants) give away billions of dollars to individuals
every year.  Most foundations are non-profit, dedicated to the
betterment of society.  These organizations MUST GIVE AWAY
MONEY to fulfill their legal tax-free status.  YOU can get a cash
grant by mail.  These funds may be used for any purpose (start a
bunsiness, travel abroad, further your education, get out of debt,
etc.) and never have to be paid back!!! To be eligible, all you have to
do is apply!!  And we can show you HOW and WHERE.
 	Wolverine Capital is a financial finder and matching service.
We have 17 years financing experience, with over 250 private
foundations in our program.  Most of our clients are approved for a
cash grant.  A higher percentage than would be approved by a bank
for a loan.  Obtaining a cash grant by mail is easier than you think.
There are literally hundreds of foundations eager to donate money to
you.  We will show you exactly how to apply for a cash grant by
mail; how to write a letter of appeal, what to include in your
proposal, etc.  Plus, we send you the names, addresses and, where
possible, the telephone numbers of the foundations most likely to
fund your needs.  With daily updates, only the most active sources
are suggested.  You are protected by the fact these foundations are
regulated by the laws of the United States.
	We send you everything you need to get a cash grant by
mail.  There is a small one-time application fee of $19.95.  There are
no other fees to pay, now or later.  We GUARANTEE you will get a
cash grant by mail or we will refund your entire application fee,
immediately.  Complete the application below and return it to our
office today.  Upon receipt, we will review your application and
match you to the BEST foundations.  If you are not 100% satisfied,
keep everything we send you.  Just mail us a letter explaining you
wish a refund and we'll process your request that day.  It's that
simple- NO GRANT NO FEE -no questions.  We are that confident
in these foundations.
	If you have any questions, please email:

                           ralberts @
 ix .
 netcom .

All applications ordered within ten days will receive six extra
financial reports absolutely FREE !!!  You can only WIN !!!  But only
if you ACT NOW !!!  Don't let FREE MONEY pass you by!!
  APPLY TODAY.     Send $19.95, check or money order, along with
your completed application to:

    	 1039 GUN RIVER DR
    	 PLAINWELL  MI   49080

Last foundation update was 01NOV95.
All applications processed within 24 hours.
All applicaitons GUARANTEED.


NAME _______________________________________________

ADDRESS  ___________________________________________

CITY ST ZIP ___________________________________________

PHONE  ( ______ )  _____________________________________

EMAIL . ADDRESS  ______________________________________

GRANT TYPE ( Business or Personal )  _____________________

GRANT AMOUNT ($500-$50,000)  _________________________

Thank you.

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