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Subject: Re: Bouncy Bouncy routine
From: "Avi Hyman, CSG" <ahyman @ oise . on . ca>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:22:52 -0500 (EST)
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <9511301753 . AA29687 @ znyx . com>

My list has 1500 and I get about 5-10 bounces a day also. At first I had
the auto-delete function (listserv) on, but I found that too many of the
bounces were not real (just like you). Now I just dump bounces in a folder
and every few days check to see which addresses are habitually bad. Mostly
bounces from "service unavailable" errors are temporary, while "user
unknown" errors are usually true (about 3/4 of the time). 
The system works well enough at this point that only about 1 in 20 times 
is a valid user removed. I know it's labour-intensive, but good relations 
with my subscribers are worth it.
	Avi Hyman  (moderator H-Judaic @
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On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Alan Deikman wrote:

> I suspect this topic has been covered before, but I must have
> missed it.  If so, forgive the re-hash.
> My main list is up to about 1100 members now, and each posting
> generates between 10-30 bounce messages.  It's hard to tell, since
> many messages get replicated, or don't come back for three days.
> Anyway, I finally got around to pruning the list of supposedly
> "invalid" e-mail addresses (it's a chore to even FIND the right
> address in a bounce message -- but that's another story) and
> guess what?   About 50% of the "pruned addresses" resulted in
> a subscriber e-mailing back "hey, why was I unsubscribed?"
> In other words, I am getting bounce messages for mail that was
> *also* delivered, and of course the recipient doesn't have 
> a clue unless I complain.  Is this the same experience the rest
> of you have?   How do you sort true invalid addresses from
> semi-true addresses which also deliver?  Or should we even
> care?
> Thanks in advance for any insights.
> --------------------------------
>   Alan Deikman, ZNYX Corporation
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