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Subject: Re: AOL free accounts
From: jcanterbury @ us . ibm . com
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 11:31:25 EDT
In-reply-to: note of 05/10/96 11:18

Eric Thomas <ERIC @
 VM .
 SE .
 COM> wrote:

>All you  need to do  is add a  warning saying that  any usage of  the AOL
>account for illegal activities or for  spamming will be prosecuted to the
>fullest extent of the law. This won't surprise or shock honest customers,
>in fact  it might even  be good  PR. Above all,  it has the  potential of
>costing the spammer a lot more than $100, and you can still decide not to
>sue if  you don't want to.  I also think that  if you sued KK,  the other
>spammers would think twice before acting.

Spam is not illegal at this time (excepting chain letters perhaps).

What would you base a lawsuit on?

Also, I don't think we should be asking AOL to change their very
successful marketing practices based on the actions of a few idiots.
(Disclaimer: I do own AOL stock, although I don't use it.)  However,
I do like the idea I think someone mentioned of not allowing access to
the Internet from AOL until credit card information is confirmed.

Jerry Canterbury, Buckeye Consulting
Internet: jcanterbury @
 us .
 ibm .
 com or jcanterb @
 worldweb .
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