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Subject: Re: he's at it again (Approved99 @ aol . com)
From: Nigel Whitfield <nigel @ stonewall . demon . co . uk>
Organization: Digital Diversity
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 15:47:33 GMT
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 2 .
 32 .
 19960509205636 .
 0096f15c @
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 mindspring .
Robbie Honerkamp <robbie @
 shorty .
 com> wrote:
[a rather long list]

I think that, as far as possible, it's necessary to have only one
address for each online service. If people are going to use automatic
responses to alert services to their spams, sending multiple
notifications could create almost as much hassle as the spams

Thinking about this some more, how desireable would it be for people
to receive an automatic abuse notice as soon as a spam hits a list? If
every list did it, I guess it would be a nightmare for service
providers; while it might give some of them an idea of the extent of
the problem that their subscribers are causing, I don't think, for
example, AOL are exactly in the dark about the problem, and flooding
them completely would seem inappropriate.

So, how do you draw the line between early notification and swamping
service providers with automatic complaints?

Should there be a standard format for messages to allow them to be
filtered easily, or a limit of one notification per week/day? Or
perhaps people should be encouraged to filter on all their lists, but
only notify from one per host.

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