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Subject: Moving lists (was "...*big-time* help!")
From: bill @ biome . bio . dfo . ca (Bill Silvert)
Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 07:36:49 -0300 (ADT)
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

Oliver raises an issue which I think merits comment. Moving a list by
just copying the subscriber addresses from one site to another is in my
opinion a dangerous practice. It is far better to tell all the
subscribers to resubscribe at the new address. A bit of a hassle
perhaps, but it clears out the deadwood and you avoid this problem of
people trying to unsubscribe at the old address.

Email addresses are remarkably persistent. Someone moved a list from
this site in January 1994, and we are still getting administrative
messages sent to it in May 1996. I've had to deal with angry calls to
senior management here because people couldn't get of the new list by
sending their messages here! So I think this type of unhappy message is
an avoidable problem that can be avoided by not moving lists in this way.

Bill Silvert

>Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 22:45:48 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Oliver Garfield <oliver @
 panix .
>Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: New list member needs *big-time* help!!!!!
>I second your problems with getting unhappy users out of your hair. I 
>took over an educational list but the university cut it off very quickly 
>from its previous access. I used the same name but based in on a webcom list.
>Then they started to blame me because every time they wrote to be removed 
>from the old list it bounced the messages back. Such threats and abuse 
>from a group of college professors!! I cleared  them off my list by hand 
>until they could no longer reach me  got bounced from my system
>I finally had to send each one a message that they were creating their 
>own problem. If they didn't write no one would bounce them.

Bill Silvert, Habitat Ecology Section, Bedford Institute of Oceanography,
P. O. Box 1006, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA B2Y 4A2, Tel. (902)426-1577
HED runs a WWW server at URL=      Fax  (902)426-7827

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