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Subject: Re: Moving lists (was "...*big-time* help!")
From: Nigel Whitfield <nigel @ stonewall . demon . co . uk>
Organization: Digital Diversity
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 18:13:41 GMT
Apparently-to: <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>
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In article <9605111036 .
 AA12382 @
 biome .
 bio .
 dfo .
Bill Silvert <bill @
 biome .
 bio .
 dfo .
 ca> wrote:
>Oliver raises an issue which I think merits comment. Moving a list by
>just copying the subscriber addresses from one site to another is in my
>opinion a dangerous practice. It is far better to tell all the
>subscribers to resubscribe at the new address. A bit of a hassle
>perhaps, but it clears out the deadwood and you avoid this problem of
>people trying to unsubscribe at the old address.

In my experience (uk-motss, with around 400 subscribers, has moved
three times) the problem isn't too much with the subscribers, but with
the information that's circulated about your list. About two years
after the last move, I can still find references using AltaVista to
uk-motss-request @
 pyra .
 co .

The only hassle from a subscriber point of view was when we moved
networks, and some addresses had to be rewritten to remove UUCP and
JNT formats.

The last move was the biggest, and we did it in stages, with a shadow
of the list on the new host, jiggling reply fields to ensure that the
real move happened only when we were happy that everything was

It's important to trail it as far in advance as possible, and during
parallel running, you might want to hold off on subscriptions and

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