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Subject: Re:
From: Nigel Whitfield <nigel @ stonewall . demon . co . uk>
Organization: Digital Diversity
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 16:42:34 GMT
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In article <199605171531 .
 IAA11651 @
 miles .
 greatcircle .
Eric Thomas <ERIC @
 vm .
 se .
 lsoft .
 com> wrote:
>WOW is new and still somewhat in  beta, so this need not apply.

I don't think we have it in Europe; I've certainly not heard anything
about it...

>The way this business works, CS will only listen to you if someone writes
>an article  in a major paper  explaining how WOW subscribers  are cut off
>from thousands of mailing lists because  CS couldn't follow a very simple
>and very important  rule of the Internet mail standards,

Interesting idea; if there's still a problem when it launches here, I
might just be able to do something - I write for quite a few of the UK
computer titles.

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