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Subject: Re: Reply from Compuserve
From: Brad Knowles <brad @ his . com>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 00:26:25 -0400
To: John Martin <martin @ terena . nl>, Brock Rozen <brozen @ netvoyage . net>, Eric Thomas <ERIC @ VM . SE . LSOFT . COM>
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At 1:19 PM -0400 8/7/96, John Martin wrote:

>Running a caching-only DNS server would also help, I believe...

	It's been my experience that systems that handle *huge* amounts
of mail per day, running a local caching-only nameserver ends up with
BIND fighting for many of the same resources as the SMTP MTA, with
the loser being everyone.

	A caching-only nameserver that runs on a dedicated machine
doesn't take much horsepower, and so long as it can be crammed with
128MB RAM or more (the current cache quickly builds up to 48-64MB and
then stabilizes), even something as small as a SunSPARCstation IPC or
IPX should be sufficient.  Even better, this machine can be used by
multiple other machines, and you end up not duplicating that effort
across all those other servers (which could presumably put those
resources to better use running whatever server software that is
their primary purpose in life).

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