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(August 1996)

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Subject: Re: More on expired accounts
From: Chris Cook <scocc @ thor . cf . ac . uk>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 09:41:27 +0100 (BST)
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

Previously Bill Silvert wrote -
> But neither he nor anyone else points out that one might inform the
> users from time to time that they can set their own mail forwarding,
> at least on many kinds of systems. I have found that many users, even
> computer-savvy summer students are unaware that when they leave here
> they can arrange to have all email forwarded to a new address

Increasingly people who graduate or move to another institution do have e-mail
addresses to forward onto.  User education is always the problem, the same as
trying to encourage folk to leave lists whilst they're away for an extended
period or when they leave.  Agreed, it is a point I didn't touch on but now
it's raised, what about the further complications.  Say for six months we
maintain a forwarding address for someone.  Ideally in that time they would
have resubscribed or left existing lists plus told all of their friends their
new address.  But we all know they don't do that.  What would be useful would
be when Elvis @
 cardiff .
 ac .
 uk leaves, we repoint her address (didn't you know?)
to Elvis @
 new-place .
 co .
 uk but in such a way that any subsequent messages in
addition to forwarding, get an automatic response.  Something along the lines
	Your message to Elvis @
 cardiff .
 ac .
 uk has been forwarded to
	Elvis @
 new-place .
 co .
 uk .
   Please update your address book for this

>                                                   The practice of
> cancelling accounts as soon as someone leaves causes list-managers and
> other correspondents a lot of trouble, and it really isn't a fair
> policy. 

I don't see what difference it makes whether you de-register an account
immediately or six months down the road.  The net result is the same, just
deferred; lots of list managers still get lots of grief from "Username unknown"
messages.  The only difference is that six months more mail gets stored,
unread by anyone.  Besides, lots of places only prune old usernames once a
year so there's nothing immediate about that.  In the meantime, if you run a
quotad mail store, anyone who was a member of a busy list will have long ago
started annoying the owners with "Undeliverable - quota exceeded" variants.

> A side effect is that when I tell users that they can have their email
> forwarded they are usually both surprised and delighted -- it is an easy
> way to make friends!

Isn't it a joy to see their little eyes light up.  Brings a lump to your throat
and makes you think all that hard work was worthwhile :-)


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