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(August 1996)

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Subject: Bounced Messages---A Proposal!
From: offshore @ dnai . com (The Global Group)
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 08:10:31 -0700
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM

Dear Members,

I manually maintain a mailing list of around 2,500 subscribers to OFFSHORE,
an eJournal. It is published around every two weeks.  I suffer from all the
complaints we have agonized over on this list over the performance of list
servers and ISPs.

Our problem is that is that there is no standard format in bounced message
reports.  I have to hunt for the nature of the problem---host unknown, user
unknown, mail box full, etc., in a different part of the message.

I like the AOL bounced report---it is very clear and definitive---and the
most prompt reporting on the Internet, but tooooooo long (see below).  I'm
getting bouce messages being saved on my ISP as the list goes out.

I would like to propose standards we adopt and IMPOSE STANDARDS UPON THE NET
COMMUNITY for bounced messages to be uniformly adopted by the Net
community---ISPs and list servers (in the generic sense):

1.  Every bounced message must contain the email address of the intended
receipient.  When I send out BCC mail, it doesn't always happen---thus I
can't fix the problem and it continues.  No attachments are allowed in
bounced reports.

2.  Every bounced message contain the three number code (it this a current
standard?, XXX for user unknown, YYY for host unknown, ZZZ for mail box
full, etc., so that I don't need to search the whole bounced messgage---such
as is used by some list servers and ISPs.

3.  As an option, only part of the message is bounced back, not the whole
thing wasting tremendous bandwidth.  To achieve this, the sender could
(optional) include in the subject line a code, for example: "~+~".  ~+~
means send back only the first 25 lines.  Example of the new subject line style:

Subject: ~+~ OFFSHORE, an eJournal [tm], V.6, #15

4. This list would adopt the "Code" and make in mandatory upon all lists to
use or bounce their  mail after a certain established date.  Collectively we
have power.  Let's use it to better the system, make our job easier and not
just complain among ourselves.

Any comments.

Best regards,
Arnold L. Cornez, J.D., Author "The Offshore Money Book": a Comprehensive
Guide for Reluctant Americans; publisher: International Publishing Corp., in
your bookstore or call: 1-800-488-4149; 1-312-943-7354, fax: 312-642-0679,
6" X 9", 282 pages, paper back, (c) 1996, $29.95 + S&H, ISBN: 0-9422641-72-8

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