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Subject: Re: Full headers in MS Mail?
From: Nigel Whitfield <nigel @ stonewall . demon . co . uk>
Organization: Digital Diversity
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 09:26:38 GMT
References: <Pine . LNX . 3 . 94 . 960827102542 . 23133C-100000 @ home . spfld . com>

In article <Pine .
 LNX .
 3 .
 94 .
 960827102542 .
 23133C-100000 @
 home .
 spfld .
Apu <apu @
 inet-images .
 com> wrote:
>(I don't suppose a List Manager somewhere has a FAQ explaining how to
>get the full headers from the many e-mail client packages available
>along with things like how to turn of the WINMAIL.DAT file and other 
>client software specific things like that?)

Not done the full works, but I do have a document on WINMAIL.DAT,
which is the thing that used to cause a lot of problems (now my
software just bounces messages back to the sender if it finds it).

Other list managers are welcome to grab the file, which can be
retrieved by sending a message with the line

send exchange

as subject or body to

uk-motss-SERVER @
 dircon .
 co .

Feel free to amend and include in your own list docs.

Nigel Whitfield                                     
nigel @
 diversity .
 org .
 uk                                      Digital Diversity
nigel @
 stonewall .
 demon .
 co .
 uk                                      and uk-motss
*****     All sites are independently run internet hosts    *****

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