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(September 1996)

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Subject: "Stupid, stupid minds!" (was: Re: PAML mail)
From: tsarna @ endicor . com (Ty Sarna)
Organization: Endicor Technologies, Inc., San Antonio, Texas
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 15:27:05 GMT
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . com
Newsgroups: endicor.lists.list-managers
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In article <v03007808ae4fe3536cdb @
 [38 .
 11 .
 195 .
Mark E. Taylor <mtaylor @
 interramp .
 com> wrote:
> I run two (closed) mailing lists on fraud.  Both prohibit advertising.  I
> had one guy sign on and post an ad for his mlm candy program (yes candy).
> I booted him off right away and sent a complaint to his ip.  His ip has

So you run a list about MLM frauds, and this guy posts about his MLM
scheme there? Seems like a pretty clear admission to me :-)

I've got an even better one.  This morning in my sat.announce moderation
mailbox I found a spam advertising spamming services.  The best part?
They're giving away t-shirts with their logo ("Info.Now") on them to
their customers.  The ultimate "kick me" sign! So, if you see anyone
wearing an Info.Now t-shirt, be sure to give 'em a good thwap upside the
head, won't you?

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    From: "Mark E. Taylor" <mtaylor @ interramp . com>
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