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Subject: Re: Signature Line Policies??
From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn @ idyllmtn . com>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 09:25:22 -0700
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM

At 03:23 AM 9/4/96 -0700, Cyndi Norman wrote:
>Alan, thanks for putting the problem so sucintly.  I deal with it by
>banning all advertisment (well, I have a file on the webpage stating
>exactly what I mean by that) and I make it clear that .sigs count as
>advertising.   When I subscribe people, I comment on their .sigs if I think
>they will be a problem and tell them they are welcome to read posts if they
>are a commercial entity but that ads are not allowed should they choose to

The HTML Writers Guild bans commercial advertisements but does allow members
to do whatever they like in their signature files.  If, however, a list
user has an excessively long sig, they get contacted by a friendly List
Guide who tries to get them to change.

--Kynn Bartlett, Mailing List Manager, HTML Writers Guild

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