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Subject: Re: AOL's junk mail problem
From: DWalheim @ aol . com
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 08:25:47 -0400
To: List-Managers @ greatcircle . com

In a message dated 96-09-12 04:18:51 EDT, E. Allen Smith
 mbcl .
 rutgers .
 edu writes:

> If you don't want yourself (or
>  a list you maintain) to receive anonymous email, any legitimate anonymous
>  remailer service will block you at your request.

Ah, but there's the problem.  I've asked to be removed -- repeatedly -- from
the lists of the five major companies AOL tried to blocked, and have been

AOL is introducing mail controls, which puts the blocking potential in the
hands of the individual, where I think you and I both agree it should be, but
-- and isn't there always a "but"? -- they've introduced this feature without
granting the user the ability to block entire domains, which of course makes
it nearly useless.  (To use it, I need to block the sixty or so variations
from Cyberpromo, not just one simple "cyberpromo" string.)  Once that's
implemented, though, this whole issue should become moot -- the individual
user can choose to block the mail, and the Big Brother approach won't be


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