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Subject: Re: Need List Host Recommendations
From: Michelle Murrain <mpmNS @ hamp . hampshire . edu>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 11:02:32 -0500
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM, jjflash @ digex . net
In-reply-to: <199609120800 . BAA22636 @ miles . greatcircle . com>

At 1:00 AM -0700 9/12/96,  Jack Schnapper <jjflash @
 digex .
 net> wrote:

>I've been hosting a couple of lists on POBOX for awhile now but have found
>them to be unresponsive, especially in a crisis that developed over the
>last few days that has all but destroyed a new and very heavily subscribed
>Therefore, I am seeking recommendations for list host providers to which I
>can move my lists without going broke ;-)  I'd prefer finding one that
>charges a flat rate.  Majordomo is what I've been using, but I think I
>might like to try Listserv (either one is fine right now though).
>I'd really appreciate any recommendations anyone can send me ASAP as I am
>in a "meltdown" situation with one of my lists.

I've moved and changed managers of several lists in my years as list owner.
The suggestion that I'd make is pretty simple: Ask members of the list.
They obviously are interested in the topic at hand, and some of them might
have resources available that would allow you to run your list for free,


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